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Carbon Calculator

Calculate your carbon output for your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly travels. 

Once your carbon output is calculated simply offset it with the number of trees indicated. 

150km = 2 trees. That's it; just two trees for a 150km.


Imagine how many km's we drive in a year. Let's turn those km's into real, local forests, together. 

Polyculture Forests

Canopeum believes a strong future starts with a strong forest. That is why we don't just plant a tree; we plant a forest. Every tree we propagate is destined to become part of a strong green canopy for years to come.

Indigenous Trees & Shrubs

Canopeum plants forests from start to finish. We pick, propagate and plant every tree, from seed to forest. Our trees are local and every tree seedling will be planted in the same community it is propagated in.

Tree Trunk Texture
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