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Depending on delivery size there are two methods of transportation: Less than 500 plugs, trees are grouped and wrapped in plastic, and put in a box. Our company driver delivers to your project. The charges are added to your invoice and the surcharge is .20/km.


500+ plugs and more the orders are freighted. Deliveries will arrive to your project within 48hrs of purchace, or on your scheduled arrival date. The charges are added to your invoice.

Delivery methods are based on volume and size. There is flexibility in both options. The cheapest option is always favoured.

Pick-up and delivery by mail are available options. Please email directly to for more information.


Pépinière Essence Verte uses the most innovate plug design to date. Developed by Vineland Research Institute air-root pruning mixed with a wall-less and bottomless tray design, allow roots to develop without any cicling, matted or redirected roots. Our guarantee is there will be a mortality rate of than 5% or less.

For orders over 500+ planting project, we will do an in-field follow-up to ensure that the trees are well planted in relations with the plating guide we provide for each tree and that the tree is growing well.

Any other claims need to be address within 30 days of purchase. Contact us directly with any claim at 

There is no refund there is only replacement of the purchaced price.


There is an online Order Form that is available and simple to use. Simply click and fill in your quantites. An email and a confirmation will be sent once your Order Form has been received. The order will be processed within 48hrs.

On orders that are freighted, there is a 3$ consignment charge. The amount is returned once the trays are returned. The consignment charge will be processed within 48hrs and returned via interact e-transfer. 

Pépinière Essence Verte requires all payments to be paid in full prior to the schedule date of delivery. Acceptable payments include: interact e-transfer, cheque, cash or direct deposit. For special conditions contact us directly at


Pépinière Essence Verte is a wholesale tree nursery. We favour bulk orders and this is reflected in our price. Currently, we only offers only 60mm x 100mm plugs. As our inventory grows, so will our selection and prices will be advertised accordingly.

Our prices do not include delivery. Delivery fees will be calculated on each order. There is a possibility of pick-up at the nursery to avoid delivery fees.

Prices are listed for plug size 60mm x 100mm Root25 and are a guide not the actual price

1000 + $1.75 - $2.20

500 – 999 $2.50 – $3.00

200 – 499 $3.25 – $3.75

0 – 199 $4.50 - $5.00

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