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  • What quantity of trees and shrubs are available?
    Currently Canopeum is in the start-up phase. This summer we have 10,000 saplings that will be ready to be planted out in the fall 2023. We will build an inventory of 60,000 saplings in 2024 with an expenential growth. We want to contribute to the climate challenge by growing strong resilient forests we all have access to. Contact us to learn more about our growth model and how to join.
  • Why is your site only in English; this is Quebec right?
    The project was developed by a Canadian. Alexandria Schmitz was born in Alberta and raised in Ontario. She was put in French Immersion all through her schooling. She has lived, worked, and travelled throughout Canada and now resides in Sutton Quebec. She is married to a Quebecer and raises her two children as French Canadians. But Alex's written French still sucks. Canopeum is working on all things Canopeum, including a French site. The idea needed to be developed in English and is going to be translated in perfect French. I apologize to anybody I may have offended. You can often hear her say 'Vive le Quebec'!!
  • Any accolades??
    Canopeum has received much help and some bigs wins along the way. The success of this company resides in the community that supports the concept and the project. Below are just some of the accolades, awards, and grants we have received within the last year: ​ Fond de Research du Quebec - 2 year research grant Beslogic Innovating for Humanity challenge - philanthropic project selection Défi OSEntreprendre Brome-Missisquoi - Winner, catégorie Exploitation, Transformation et Production Fondation estrienne en environnement - Lauréat du Programme GEST CLD de Quebec - Soutien au travailleur autonome Financière agricole du Quebec - Programme d'appui financier à la relève agricole ​
  • Who are your research partnerships
    We have a 2 year grant with UQAM and Fonds de Research du Quebec. We hope this can be an opportunity to continue the long-term study. We have also been invited to join Greening the Landscape Research Consortium with the Vineland Research and Innovation Center. This will commence in 2024.
  • What do you consider to be a native tree or shrub?
    Canopée only grows native trees and shrubs to Canada. The trees and shrubs we plant have been growing here prior to the arrival of Europeans settlers.
  • Do you fertilize your seedlings?
    Canopée does not use any synthetic fertilizers. We collect quality seeds and cuttings, use proper hygienic standards and beneficial insects when necessary. We use compost tea and fish kelp a few times a season.
  • What is considered a forest?
    Canopée considers a forest as 60%-100% of the land is covered in tree canopy and must be at least 1.25 acres
  • Where does your seed stock come from?
    All our seed stock is hand-picked in the Great Lakes St.Lawrence Forest Region. Our stock is dependant on the quantity of seeds that are produced each year. We grow hardwood mixed stands.
  • Do you guarantee your trees and shrubs?
    Canopeum is committed to growing strong, green forests. With our research partnerships, we are looking into the best methods to grow polyculture forests using indigenous trees and shrubs. Losses are inevitable and we will replant any loss that is larger than 75% per micro tree nursery batch.
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