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Image by Laura Ockel

Canopeum Plants the Seeds

Canopeum grows every tree from local, native seeds. These seeds grow into saplings in a micro tree nursery [a canopeum] where our trained Forest Stewards follow and showcase the journey of a tree, from seed to forest.. 


Image by Olena Sergienko

Canopeum Plants the Forests

Canopeum follows every sapling to the field where it will begin to contribute to a poly-culture forest. Every sapling is planted within the same ego region as the community is was grown in creating stronger roots, stronger trees and a stronger planet, together. We build native, hardwood and softwood forests mimicking the way nature had intended. 


With climate change bearing down on us, Canopeum wanted to do our part to protect the canopy we love most. We started to research plug design. We discovered most plugs used at the propagation stage inhibit root growth and encourage circling, matted and misdirected roots. The reason we plant trees is for future generations yet the moment we plant them 25% will have an early mortality. We thought, hey there has to be a better way.

We found an innovative plug design that was developed by the Vineland Research and Innovation Center. This plug design uses air-root pruning technology with a wall-less and bottom-less tray. Every essence grows a strong, fibrous, 360 root mass lowering the mortality rate to 5%. Canopeum grows strong roots so each tree will contribute to a strong, green canopy for generations to come.


A.M.A Horticulture
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Traditional Plugs

Root Smart
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Canopeum forms partnerships with individuals and businesses who want to commit to a long-term proven solution to clean air and water, trees.


We create polyculture forests using our indigenous trees and shrubs. This creates pockets of hardwood forests which will protect and rebuild endangered animal populations, support biodiversity and capture carbon simultaneously.

With our research partnerships Canopeum enables multidicinaplary studies to work collectively on a specific research focus and attach a question to every new forest plot.  We believe collective thought is a step towards the re-evolution.


Just a cool video to watch.

A.M.A Horticulture
Image by Gustav Gullstrand
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